Friday, September 4, 2009

Theology Thursday, but on a Friday - Ecclesiology

In light of all the church haters these days...and by church haters I mean those who profess to believe in Christ, but have nothing good to say about the church...there is a popular counter to their thinking that says, "you can't love Christ and not like his bride, just as you can't be friends with me, and do nothing but tear down my wife." It's a good parallel. One that needs to be pondered, because believers should have an affection for the church--the Bride of their Savior, Jesus Christ.  

But I believe most people, in theory, love the Bride of Christ. They want to be a part of the Bride of Christ in an eschatological sense. They read the end of the book, and they know how the scene plays out. The problem is they have found an extremely compelling reason (or list of reasons) not to live as if the eschatological truths will become reality. Which is to say they'd rather not involve themselves with fellow sinners in the worship of an infinitely great Savior. They must think, "Nah...there'll be plenty of time for that."

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