Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weekend Update

So I hear there are large numbers of parents upset about our President addressing their school aged children on Tuesday. Something about indoctrination, politicizing our kids, universal health care and Nazi propaganda. I get it. It's kind of a weird move by the administration, and probably poorly timed. How 'bout waiting until your second term, pal.   

Anyway, the battle cry from concerned parents is apparently something like, "don't bring your socialism into our schools!!!" Which is understandable, but have we pondered the absurdity of such a stance? It's akin to getting lathered up about someone dumping water into a lake. It's a government run school, people. Socialism is already there. 

That's the problem with republicans. If we had as much consistency as we do passion we might actually accomplish some things. But we don't. We're all lathered up about a government owned system of doctors taking care of our family, and we haven't even realized that a government owned system of educators has been teaching the hearts and minds of our children for years. 

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