Thursday, July 23, 2009


So I have failed in implementing my agenda for a post every weekday. It was supposed to happen this week...looks like next week will be more realistic. Here's why:

We returned from vacation Sunday evening. Monday was spent settling back into real life. This week I've been catching up on all the things that slip away from you during time away. I also had to prepare and teach our adults on Wednesday night, I'm preaching on Sunday (20 plus hours of prep for that), I have to be at wedding rehearsal tonight (thursday) for a wedding I am doing tomorrow night (friday). I lost my car keys (or a child has eaten them) sometime on Tuesday. I realized Wednesday the foundation of my house needs repair. I'm debating with my health insurance provider over some reimbursements. A couple of other projects that require some immediate attention are looming. Today is my birthday, and I am officially in my mid-thirties (34).

But life is generally very, very good, and I'm doing better than I deserve. I just suck at blogging.

(UPDATE: I found my car keys, and yes one of my children was to blame, which means I'm not losing it.)

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