Friday, July 3, 2009


It's a holiday weekend so rather than post something substantive we'll just start a new Friday tradition. From this point forward Friday's will be a tribute to facial hair. Most men shave, and this is a good thing. But some men allow their facial follicles to grow amok, which gives us the masculine phenomenon that is facial hair. Some might grow a simple mustache. Others, a full on beard. The goatee is very popular, as are extended sideburns. The redneck favors the fu-man-chu, while the hipster emerging church pastor will sport the little soul patch below his bottom lip. Whatever the case may be we men love our facial hair. It's an expression of our masculine creativity. If it makes one statement to those around you that statement is, "I like to grow hair on my face." 

I give you Charles Bronson:

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  1. Good and very good. BUT... short sighted! Why limit it to facial hair?

    I think future Friday Forays should include the following HAIR topics:
    *** Old Man nose hair
    *** Ear rim white thinnies that grow a quarter inch per day
    *** Random Hair
    *** Race-Track Hair (what we called the line for hair tracking from belly button and then straight south back in 10th grade)
    *** Whose Hair
    *** Why's-this-s!@*-on-the-soap hair
    *** Back hair
    *** Uni-brow hair (worn out probably)
    *** Knuckle hair
    *** Grandma's mustache
    *** Best hair (dude that plays for the Steelers)
    *** Hair Sweep (perhaps the saddest kind)
    *** Pony tails and fros
    *** Dreads and corn rows
    *** Crack hair
    *** Back hair
    *** Hair myths
    *** Which is worst, dog hair or pube?
    *** Random-Patch-Shaver-Guy
    *** naval hair
    *** hair balls and vice versa

    Choosing Bronson's mustache for your inaugural post is too... yes too brilliant. There is no better choice. Almost a molester-stache... but no, it's Charles Bronson. Only he can pull it off. AND oh, does he!!