Friday, July 10, 2009


So posting has not come as easily as I had hoped, but I haven't had a real clear plan for this blog and its 4 readers. Therefore, beginning the week of the 19th (next week I am on vacation chasing my kids and trying to read so we'll start the 20th) this blog will have a weekly breakdown. I think it will look something like this:

Monday Musings - Monday's will be for thinking out loud...sermon thoughts from Sunday, personal reflections, etc...

Tuesdays are for Text - Just a bible passage. No more, no less.

Wildcard Wednesday - all bets are off for Wednesday: sports, music, religion, politics...whatever needs to be said, posted, linked to, etc...

Theology Thursday - I'll be interacting with an area of theology or a theological idea on Thursdays.

Fridays are for Facial Hair - You know the drill here. And speaking honor of his 500th birthday, which is today, I give you a man who knew how to grow a fine beard: John Calvin.


  1. well you have a full week ahead of you! and nice choice on calvin's beard. look how pointy that thing is!!! sharp in the mind, and sharp in the beard.

  2. Let me play quick catch up for the week:

    MoNDaY - a musing... personal reflection
    I love the notion that Worship is for centering me. God has no ego to feed, He has no needs period for he is Whole, Absolute, Complete. But the joy of the Father is to see us find center and base our lives on love. We base our lives on His wonderful Being.

    Tuesday for Text - "We will structure our classrooms on Joy; we know we teach content, but the classroom is magic when we have the right context." me

    Wednesday - I don't know what to think about Lance Armstrong...just that he's good, real good. Albert P is apparently the MVP. (Pouholts sp?) Palin is a flash in the pan... I won't be voting for her for anything.

    Thursday - I've decided to start a new denomination... Easterites or Easterian

    Friday - PAUL TUTTLE SENIOR, all bow down

  3. It's Pujols...pronounced: Poo Holes. Yeah, that's right...Poo Holes.

  4. Nice lineup! Although, I feel excluded from any posts made on Fridays