Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Collision of Slovenia and Africa

This video is fantastic. It's a Slovenian Jazz Choir singing Africa by the eighties band Toto. I remember watching the video for Africa back in the eighties when MTV was actually Music Television. I have also been to Slovenia on mission trips and find the people and the country fascinating. It appears Slovenia and Africa have collided.


  1. This video proves 2 things:
    1) This song is a timeless classic. Obviously.
    2) Those Slovenes are awesome. My favorite one is the guy in the blue shirt with the tie on the side. The kind of balding one.

  2. My phrasing was weird. He isn't wearing a tie on his side. He is located on the side, and his tie is placed where a tie normally goes.

  3. I was hoping to see Bojan.

    And yes, your phrasing did confuse me.

  4. the amount of microphones is amazing. and all of the outfits remind me of a nice Gap commercial.

    oh, and it's a cool song!

  5. Not the best choir performance I've ever heard, but unique, and yeah...a classic tune.