Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An Irony

It is clear that the Obama administration is a pro choice administration. There is no new news to confirm this. It is a fairly established position. Fundamentally, our President would tell you, women have the right to control their own bodies. Now, whether a new life in the womb is a part of her body or just living in her body is another debate entirely. In a twisted appeal to freedom the abortion movement strives to protect a woman's uteran liberty to make that distinction. My trajectory in this comment is to point out that a nationalized health care system runs in opposition to pro-choice rhetoric. A nationalized system gives our bodies, albeit our sick bodies, over to the system. Thus, we actually lose control. National healthcare disables choice. In effect, our bodies belong to the government. 

So the administration that has championed the freedom to choose actually hates choice. They prefer tyranny. And in a tyrannical system people are not valuable, whether unborn or not.


  1. gosh i have so many comments on this.

    but good paradox find! (is it a paradox? i heard that word yesterday and am trying to use it.)

  2. A paradox is more of a contradiction. Not sure it applies. But, i never took logic.